Dogecoin praised by Elon musk

The Dogecoin that made number of traders rich is praised by elon musk. Elon Musk is Teala owner. The company is one of the best car manufacturer in the world. On the other hand Elon musk who is a famous lover of Crypto currencies put his weight to dogecoin. Dogecoin is unique due to it’s transaction activity and usefulness is now under the lights. That’s why On the time dogecoin is up 5%. The suggestion for scalability of Ethereum, the dogecoin has an upper hand. Because of Minimal transaction fee and bright past for it’s higher profits give dogecoin a preference. This time Elon musk has chosen dogecoin that once considered as funcoin.

Now, Dogecoin is staying at bottom and leveraging it’s position aiming higher highs. On time dogecoin is hovering above 0.00000028. Dogecoin went to 0. 00000033 to weekly high and weekly low to 0.00000028. The range went low to 0.00000026 from monthly low to this 0.00000033. So, This tightened range is glittering for the traders. Elon musk is know as biggest fan of Crypto currencies holds the unique name.

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